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Welcome to
the healthiest website in the universe

with Dr. David Cohen,
world-renowned naturopathic physician      

Dr. Cohen showing the face that we love to enjoy

For those who determine to live longer,
and better...       ... faster

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Welcome to the best health website ever created.

This naturopathic health site is filled with fantastic information on herbal medicine, naturopathic approaches to health, healing, Longevity, curing yourself of all manner of diseases, including cancer and liver disease, kidney disease and skin problems such as psoriasis and so many other health conditions.
This information is presented to you on the basis of you understanding that no one, NO ONE can treat you, cure you, or diagnose you, not here at the Way Of Shortcuts To Win, and nowhere else on the internet that we're aware of!!

You can only treat yourself. Your circumstances are very unique and personal. As much as we revile the generalized American version of the medical profession, killing five thousand to six thousand Americans every single week just by medical error alone, let's remember two things:

1) At least three to four of every one hundred doctors are intensely dedicated humanitarians, who commit their lives to NOT violating Hippocrate's admonition to "cause no harm." They're to be commended, lauded, and memorialized for all time. They are true healers, and can usually be identified by the fact that they tend to drive cheap old, beat-up cars, not caring for the emptiness of vanity. (Not a strict rule; rather, a useful rule of thumb.

2) However many patients your doctor may well have killed by error, your doctor is, we hope, highly-trained. At the very least, your doctor can be relied upon as a hugely helpful source of information. That means consulting WITH your doctor rather than blindly obeying dictates regarding most surgeries and pharmaceuticals. Our objective at the Path of Amazing Success is to get you AND your doctor or other primary health care provider to reduce and then eliminate the more dangerous chemicals from your diet.

Those of us who have helped believe that Dr. Cohen is a rare and very amazing man; with a success rate that stretches the credibility of the most believing people. Fact is, he's combining timeless wisdom of nature and experience with the best that technology is offering us today.

We say again, quoting this great naturopathic physician, "Learn more in order to live more."

Welcome to BodyScan and Bodyscans,
the healthiest website on the internet

These were created, naturally, using the high-powered, most successful shortcuts
of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires.
Bodyscan constitutes one of the most advanced methods of technology and naturopathic medicine, because it's undeniably accurate and useful. In coming decades, biofeedback therapy will continue to grow, partly because it's non-invasive, partly because it's far less expensive than other tests which provide just a fraction of the information provided by your own biofeedback, through galvanic response assaying, and mostly because IT HELPS YOU TO HELP YOURSELF!!

From Ayurvedic Medicine and oxygen therapy,
to acoustic cardiographs and herbal medicine,
here is your opportunity to live longer and better. Dr. Cohen firmly reminds you that you should never make any major changes in your dietary and supplementary intakes without consulting first with a professional, preferably your primary health care provider, who hopefully knows your individual circumstances well enough to help you arrive at the best possible course to return your body to balance, or to increase your strength, Longevity, and quality of health.
Learn more, in order to live more. This better equips us to participate in the decisions affecting how long and how well we live.

Be well.

Shortcuts !!

For the healthiest website ever created, this is The Way Of Shortcuts To Win,
hosted by one of the greatest doctors I've ever encountered, who's earned the right to be counted among the "top doctors of natural medicine," Dr. David Cohen.

Some of the many subjects covered here at the Path of Amazing Success are:
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Amazing Health Is Not By Accident

Amazing health is more a matter of choice than one of circumstance.
When we look at people enjoying amazing health, what do they have in common?
First, out of your control, is whether or not your mother breast-fed you in infancy.
Mothers who breast-feed their children line the baby's intestinal tract with nucleotides.
WITHIN your control we find most everything else relating to amazing health in humans.

1) Never mind "so many ounces of water per day."
Amazing health for your skin comes, first, from sipping water every waking hour.
This is how you keep your body hydrated, NOT by slugging a pint here or there.

2) Stretching your muscles every waking hour reliably promotes amazing health.
    How many cats have YOU seen that are crippled by arthritis?
Not many, at all, because cats stretch every waking hour that they live.

3)Amazing health does not come from eating foods prepared by others.
Isn't THAT amazing? Eating food cooked by others speeds up death.
It is no less than vital for you to prepare your own food, ok?
If you pursue amazing health with raw food, re-learn to wash.
Forget what you thought you knew about rinsing a vegetable.
In every case, no matter what the source of it is,
a fruit or vegetable must be repeatedly washed.
A fruit or vegetable must be repeatedly washed.
A fruit or vegetable must be repeatedly washed.

Never wash your vegetables and fruits one time: THIS IS UTTERLY DECEIVING, and DEADLY.
Pay exquisite attention to the next minute of your life.

How much extra care would you use if you knew that a thousand people, every day,
end up in Emergency Rooms with distinct symptoms of food poisoning?


It's not a thousand people per day. A thousand per day are admitted into the hospital.
Up to six thousand and seven thousand people show up in Emergency Rooms EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Not the total number of ER arrivals: 6,000 to 7,000 per day just from food poisoning.
More than eighty percent of all food poisoning comes from fecal bacteria transfer.
That means someone who did not wash in the bathroom touched the eaten food.
Millions of times per year, Emergency Room visits for fecal bacteria.
Millions of times per year, Emergency Room visits for fecal bacteria.

If this does not secure your greatest attention, do not expect to live stronger longer.
Millions of times per year, Emergency Room visits for fecal bacteria contamination.

Let's not scare you with the numbers for how many die, and how many get worse before better.
Instead, let us pray that you remember this one minute for as long as you live,
since you do intend on eating for as long as you live. True enough?

Count the people who touch your food before it gets to you.
Then recognize that you need to wash your own food, in your house, and wash it well.
The one time that you do not may, according to Murphy's inevitable Law, be the worst time.

Because it now takes approximately fifty-four fruits to equal the anti-oxidants of just one in 1975,
there is considerable wisdom in buying any of a hundred great "greens" mixes available everywhere.
Using a couple of scoops per day of good quality greens, such as oat grass, and barley grass,
has so many separate benefits that you can read on it around the clock for many years.

Amazing Health - More Habit Than Luck

Surely you don't think you can achieve amazing health by virtue of luck?
Do you think that the birth factors, genetics, etc., control every facet of amazing health?

Don't be silly. Yes, there are infinitely rare exceptions, people who fit the one in 100,000.
Stop thinking you are an exception to the most basic rules of physics, of life itself.
If more than half your diet is not fresh fruits and vegetables, you're just not that bright.
What is smarter than the person who lives to a hundred doing jumping jacks all along the way?

The Amazing Health Approach is about amazing health,
the amazing health of people living stronger longer.

Those who do something better obviously know it better.
They are the best source of information for the student.
Nearly every one of a dozen people past 100 enjoy daily olive oil.
You truly believe you know more than healthy men and women over 100?
If so, then we know that you are out of your mind. Come back to reality.
Maintain or even regain amazing health by finding people who walked YOUR talk.
When told that a wheelchair would be a waste for me, because I'd never get in it unaided,
one giant of a human being named Monsignor Bernard Kellogg pointed me to people who had.
Vinnie Pacienza, can you imagine? ... a champion boxer who tragically broke his neck.
He also, told he'd never move again, made a decision to prove science all wrong.
Every bit of known science backed up doctoral assurances he'd never move again.
Three years later, Vinnie performed medical miracles... in a boxing ring!
Anthony Robbins wrote of a man who lost fingers, toes, even his face...
and ran for Lt Gov of Colorado with "I won't be just another pretty face."
Amazing health is the result of making better decisions, better choices.

Let's promote YOUR amazing health with more of these powerful secrets of happy Longevity.

Anything and everything that is good for your body comes with enzymes built into the food.
Those enzymes are needed for your body to transfer energy from food and into you.
When you cook food over one hundred degrees (actually, above 98.6 degrees. Hm...),
you kill the enzymes, so you better hope your pancreas is producing digestive enzymes.

When you kill the enzymes in food, the need for pepsin inside your body becomes critical.
When you interfere with this very simple, very visceral process, we wait for symptoms.
Please get this into your head: By the time you have pathology, you may be too late.

You don't think so?

Forty percent of all heart disease victims have an identical first symptom.

They first learn of their disease when they drop dead from cardiac arrest.

WHATEVER YOUR HEALTH CHALLENGE, it did not happen overnight, did it?
If we know that ten thousand dosages of bleaches sugar kills most,
then wouldn't most want to avoid falling into the trap even once?

Health and the Amazing Health Handbook

Like many, you get to choose most of how long and how well you live. The Amazing Health Handbook aims to help you help yourself.
You know that what you eat determines a great deal of your health and Longevity, yet you ignore the facts that you know well.
By adopting and maturing your own Amazing Health Handbook, there's no need to answer to groups or partners, it's personal,
where your natural health is an automatic presumption. The dumber you are, the further you move from that paradigm.
The people who live stronger for longer are the basis of the Amazing Health Handbook Who does best knows best.
The brighter your bulb, the more likely you are to understand what is meant by "death begins in the colon."
As well, it's time for you to enter the new millenium, and understand your own body's electrical factors.
Your healthiest outcomes are almost always a direct or indirect result of your healthiest decisions.
The Amazing Health Handbook encourages those healthiest decisions with great information.
More air, meaning exhale a good bit more than you have done since you were a baby.
More water, meaning your kidneys pump 2,000 liters per day and will fry without it.
At least a few ounces of clean water every waking hour of your life, forever.
Salt. Actually, MUCH more salt than you are now ingesting and using.
Not the horrors sold in most stores and major supermarket chains.
No, no, AIR-DRIED sea salt, which is your most critical food.
Surely not less than a big AND measured spoonful per day,
double that for sweaty kids and adults, in food or drinks.
Without salt, many of your critical functions do suffer.
Next is good oil, oil which has never been heated.
Get this: Light rancidifies oil faster than air does!
So, if your oil is in a clear bottle, it is unhealthy.
Extra virgin olive oil? Healthy when UNheated.
Unhealthy oils, even without horrors of frying,
wipe out countless gallbladders every year.
Leverage YOUR Amazing Health Handbook,
helping yourself heal yourself, naturally