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Success Shortcuts - Challenging 'Impossibilities'

Impossibilities are, for the most part, features and functions directly opposite to, antithetical to, the Path of Amazing Success . That is because the Path of Amazing Success proves again and again that impossibilities are indisputably reversible.

Impossibilities are cancelled out by the effective use of shortcuts, and it's worth repeating many times. Impossibilities are often reversible, cancelled out by the greatest shortcuts.

Because most people are sheep-like, never or rarely ever demonstrating the best they can, the few who take on what is perceived by most to be impossibilities stand out even more. Most men do not dare to ask the most gorgeous women for a date, and that's why the few who do end up with far greater success. It's not magic, and it's not even art. It is nothing less than the science of success, the recipe for the cookies that is immediately duplicable by YOU.

Instead of placing your focus on why you cannot, use the same exact brain energy, happier brain energy at that, to list ways to get it done.

When you recognize this in advance, the finality and apparent immovability of that obstacle, "IMPOSSIBILE!" -- weakens in strength.

When we recognize that impossiblities are indisputably reversible, cancelled by the use of effective shortcuts, the size of the word shrinks, the enormity of the concepts we all associate with putative impossibilities is no longer a size too great for us to manage. This is power for you to tap into at any time, and not least because the majority of people are simply too cowardly to face up to a word as influential as "impossibilities."

Remember when you were a kid, and your parents, a relative, or perhaps a favorite elderly neighbor told you, "Nothing is impossible when you set your mind to it?"

It's taken quite some time to think of something substantial that is actually impossible:
It's impossible to learn less about anything.

No matter how hard we might try, we cannot learn less about how to raise our children; do our jobs, expand our vocabularies; or any other area of human endeavor. So why are most of us so unwilling to reach for an instruction manual, or a magazine that addresses a particular area, or to ask for help\advice from someone who is already better at it than we are? Let's be honest: Are all of us that happy with our performance levels? Vince Lombardi used to say,
"The quality of our lives is in direct proportion to our commitment to excellence -- regardless of our field of endeavor."  

Pat Riley was repeatedly described as the most winning coach in NBA history. After barely losing the 1986 World Championship to the Boston Celtics, the Lakers hired Pat to be the team's coach. The players felt that they'd given their best, & had squeezed out every last ounce of effort... yet had lost anyway. Pat's response? "Gentlemen, we know there are five major areas of basketball play. Can each of you, superstars that you are, at superstar salaries, commit to increasing your performance just ONE percent in each of these five areas?" They agreed this was a reasonable goal for 12 of the world's greatest basketball players.

Pat noted that each player improving just 1% in each of the 5 areas would result in 12 men becoming 60% more effective as a team... and since 1% is such a tiny increase, you'd be correct in guessing that the actual improvement of each player was more than 1%: Every man on the team increased 5 to 50% in each area!! After the 1987 season was over, the new World Champions claimed it was their easiest year in memory. What's really powerful is the fact that, nearly 10 years later, Pat Riley set about establishing a similar environment with the Miami Heat basketball team: and they began to respond almost instantly by raising their performances dramatically.

Are You satisfied with your performance in all major areas of your life? Is your happiness, and that of your loved ones, worth 15 minutes out of a lifetime?

There is no better day than today, this very hour even, for you to pick up a pen and a couple of blank sheets of paper, and creating columns on the paper, for these areas:

Physical Health
Financial Health
Social Life

Under each of these headings, produce just 10 suggestions for improving your performance and satisfaction in each area. Along with your ideas, ask someone who IS doing better than you in that particular area. Obviously, they're doing something right, and in most cases, they will be pleased that you think enough of them to ask; and will be happy to help... BUT DO IT TODAY !!!!

An amazing total of -- get this -- eighty-four banks turned down Walter's idea of creating an animated feature before the main feature in movie theaters across the country. How impressive that he didn't stop after 4 banks turned him down, or even 40 banks, or 70 banks. In some cases, as with Walter, there eighty-four banks that turned him down.

After filling out all of those loan applications, the eighty-fiftth bank that he applied to was the one that said "Yes" to fifteen hundred dollars, and he changed his puppet's name from Steamboat Willie to Mickey Mouse... and moved right into history. Walt Disney simply refused to quit.

There are tapes, books, movies, magazines, and more.... designed to help you to help yourself and those you care for. Friends, you can't possibly learn less about how topromote/increase your performance or your personal satisfaction in literally ANY area of your life. And since you and I will only have one go-round on the road of Life, aren't we... aren't YOU... worth at least a touch of excellence?

Henry Ford:

I assure you: excellence cannot occur accidentally;
it's all about a bit of aptitude, & a whole bunch of attitude.

The Path of Amazing Success holds that attitude, more than aptitude,
most influences your eventual altitude in what you do most ardently.
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