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Your Home page ALT +HOME

Go to next page ALT +RIGHT ARROW

WOW! - Change the text size on a web page - ALT, V, X

Save current page - CTRL + S

Go to previous page -- ALT +LEFT ARROW

BIGGEST SECRET of the INTERNET Toggle between full-screen and regular views - F11

  • Go to a new location OR open a site - CTRL + O or CTRL + L

  • Right-clicking on your TOP menu bar will allow you to toggle menus off and on to make more room




    Find on this page - CTRL + F

    Display shortcut menu for a link SHIFT+F10

    Refresh the current Web page F5

    Zoom in - ALT +PLUS

    Zoom out - - ALT +MINUS

    Close the current window (Great for zapping popup windows)

    Stop downloading a page - ESC


    Print current page or active frame - CTRL + P


    What is your first thought regarding an internet lesson
    that immediately doubles your current knowledge?

    There are many such instant superlessons, where a ten-second effort eliminates another minute's effort of what you were about to do. Getting past the "oh, it's so complicated" (days, weeks, and years) takes far longer than learning the shortcuts themselves (fifteen seconds each)

    In the world of computers, people get confused by the thousands of such double-power shortcuts.
    In fact, only ten or twelve shortcuts are needed to zoom you past 80% of the world's computer users. This is pure science, as per Pareto's Principle, which has proved that eighty percent of all our production, personally and globally, are achieved by twenty percent of our efforts.

    You can translate this to thousands of human efforts. A great example is the examination of the largest 100 companies in America. You find in all of them that 20% of the employees are producing 80% of their gross. When you look at the Fortune 500, you find the same numbers. So, too, with the largest 1000 companies. It even applies to your local businesses.

    Learning just ten or twelve computer shortcuts in WHATEVER it is you're using the computer for instantly blasts you right past eighty percent of the world's computer users. It doesn't matter whether you use the computer for documents, sound, images, or any conceivable service. You will master the effort with just ten or twelve shortcuts!

    Whether we're learning how to search and find anything on earth about any subject your brain can ever think of (and many it won't ), to creating posters or radio internet broadcasts, or a site to sell something from there are only a few shortcuts needed to master many other tasks without much conscious thought.

    Maybe you work mostly with documents. If so, you already know that there are many different computer programs that create and modify documents. If anyone cares, they're called text editors.' Guess what? They all use the same shortcuts. Sure, there are a few exceptions, and the only reason you're able to know that is by already knowing the ten or twelve that created a pocket for an exception to exist. That's what's so funny about people getting confused or believing that computers are complicated. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    For the most part, computer programs are designed to operate very similarly to the way your own mind works. It organizes information in several ways that are patterned after the way the human brain and system operate... whether or not the creators of our computers knew it or not. It organizes information in truly simple ways that are massively, effectively revealed to you as you learn the ten or twelve shortcuts. Be sure you understand that recording yourself singing or speaking and producing your own cd complete with fancy labels is no less than a thousand times easier than it was for you to learn how to tie your shoelaces. Remember, learning to tie those shoes took you uncountable efforts and thoughts over a three or four or six-year period. You ultimately learned to do it exclusively because you learned from others who did it better and you then tried it hundreds and hundreds and more hundreds of times.

    Bypass that whole trial and error business. Use the first tool to a greater extent:
    just take it from those who are already doing it like wizards.

    No matter what program you're using, it only takes ten or twelve shortcuts for you to grasp a thousand or more options available to you under those 10 or 12 primary choices.

    Here comes the most exciting news, and the root of this communication to you. It's got to be worth thousands of dollars to you, because the moment you possess this, you have instant, genuinely instant reclaim of many thousands and thousands of the precious minutes that make up your life. Please note: not thousands of your precious minutes. Rather, thousands and thousands of your minutes over the next ten to thirty years alone. The great news is this:

    Almost every one of the ten or twelve shortcuts that you personally need to gain... are you ready for this? ... they work in tens of thousands of different computer programs!!

    Whoah! Consider the implications of that perfect, empirical, provable truth. This means that the dozen shortcuts you learn for MS Word, for example, will work in thousands and more thousands of other programs. You're being told that the master shortcuts you've probably already begun to learn, such as CTRL +A or CTRL + C or CTRL + V provide you with a universal set of incredible tools to cut through hundreds of tasks each time you sit at a computer for an hour or more. Whoah, indeed!

    Some people, for example, already understand Windows Explorer; NOT Internet Explorer, rather, Windows Explorer, which is your computer's instantly understandable filing cabinet. You get there by holding down your WIN button (lower left corner of your keyboard) and tapping the letter E. Doesn't have to be capital e, just the letter e.

    The window that opens allows you to instantly decide where to put files, copying them by just clicking any file in any folder one time with your left mouse, and using any of the many commands that equal "Copy"

    If you want, hold your keyboard CTRL button down and tap the letter C (none of these shortcuts has to be lowercase or uppercase: whatever you like).

    Or, after you left-click on any file in Explorer, you can go to your upper left screen and click Edit and Copy.   Whatever you copied is now on your invisible clipboard and can be pasted (CTRL + V) into any folder you wish. DOING it is what induces memorization


    When you tap the ALT button, you're now accessing all of the menus at the top of your screen.
    This works for thousands of different programs, including most of the ones you're now using.

    You can also tap and release your keyboard ALT button to access all ten or so of the menus at the top of the page without using your mouse. Whenever you tap and release ALT and then V one time each, you can tap, for example, the letter X and now you can look up to your screen and see a menu offering to change the size of the text that you're viewing. MANY pages on the internet have lettering that's either too small or too large. We can fix it in a blink by tapping ALT, V, X one after the other. Go ahead. Give it a try.

    Whether it's creating a form letter or having instant "paste-ability" of a set of actions you repeatedly take, the fact is, there are thousands of shortcuts available to you. WHATEVER your primary interest in a computer it, you only need a few of them to instantly multiply rather than just increase your computer-time productivity. When you can accomplish a 45-minute task in four or five minutes, the proverbial light bulb pops on.

    No matter what you use a computer for, it only takes ten or twelve of these shortcuts to make you a computer master.   Whether you take a month to learn these dozen, or a single day, will be the one worthwhile measure of how quickly you become a computer master.

    Think carefully, it's the only purpose of this page: ten or twelve shortcuts is all you need to double and triple your productivity QUICKLY. Which ten or twelve are best for you are easily determined by whether you are focusing on:

    • documents

    • still imagines

    • moving images

    • sound
    That's it, because anything you wish to do comes under those categories, you follow?   Great.

    For most of us, even a few shortcuts are all we need for good control of a device that is designed to massively increase your own personal and/or professional productivity. A fool ignores valued information in his hand. The wise man makes use of it the first opportunity he can find or create.

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