Dirtiest Trials of the Twentieth Century
The Who's Who Worldwide Registry Tragedy
Thomas FX Dunn again proves himself among the most execrable lawyers, if not the most incompetent attorney in America


Seventy thousand - CEO's, C.O.O.'s, Chairman of the Boards, and Presidents of the Fortune 3000
A generation's best and brightest victimized by a total news media blackout

1700 Who's Who organizations in the USA.   Marquis Who's Who ruled supreme for 100 yrs.
Along came Who's Who Worldwide running past Marquis, creating an executive club.
Reed Elsevier, foreign owners of Marquis, Lexis Nexis, Martindale-Hubbell, etc., did not like being second-best,
so the goal was to crush the largest executive club ever created: Who's Who Worldwide Registry.

Can you explain never hearing about this impressively dirty trial, one of our longest federal trials?
With a corrupt postal inspector and more, they succeeded.
70,000 top executives lost their investment.    Not a whisper in the media.     A news blackout.

              One Amazing Story... Dirty Trials... ... Scandal... ...news blackouts ... and more ..             

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Path of Amazing Success On Thomas FX Dunn and Judge Arthur Spatt

Thomas F.X. Dunn, Esq. (putative), and Federal District Court Judge Arthur Spatt:
Call it incompetence, call it corruption, the evidence is irrefutable. Regarding both, there is no doubt.
Literally ineluctable, considering nearly every one of the many attorneys lined up at the defense tables,
including those who acknowledged the personal charm of Thomas Dunn, the intellect of Arthur Spatt,
almost universally chimed in upon hearing phrases describing these two in uncomplimentary terms.
Absent utterly conclusive certitude as to whether it was full-on corruption, or merely incompetence,
both Thomas Dunn and Arthur Spatt were viewed with considerably less respect than priorly.
Just over half expressed themselves as disbelieving that so many legal errors, etc.,
could POSSIBLY be made by accident, or by dint of not paying sufficient attention.
As for the remainder, they, too, did express an unamgibuous assenting, in that,
however poor the attention span of either Thomas Dunn OR Judge Arthur Spatt,
there were simply too many examples of improper approach... and ruling.
Overall, an objective observer might be inclined to lean, uncomfortably,
towards a conclusion that corruption was more likely to be the culprit here.
For an attorney in one of America's longest federal trials (longest 1% in 200+ years)
to have never filed even a single motion, despite defendant's knowledge shown in drafting,
for a judge to have allowed so many examples of improper conduct to be tolerated, even repeatedly,
from the actions of former Postal Inspector Beigelman, long notorious for allegedly being "very dirty,"
to the sitting of PLAINTIFF employees on the jury(!) and complaints of jury tampering, and a good bit more,
the nation may never determine if it was in fact corruption of Dunn and Spratt that perpetuated this imbroglio.
What IS demonstrable, however, is that justice was demonstrated perverted, ergo denied.

Thus and so, for as long as this internet presence thrives, may it be remembered, not least by those attuned to true justice,
that, within the purview and coign of vantage of those embracing Path of Amazing Success and Path of Amazing Success ethics,
Thomas F.X. Dunn and Judge Arthur Spatt must be held in memory as proving themselves profoundly incompetent, or corrupt, forevermore.

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